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Mr. Sachin Tongad an LLB graduate professional is founder of Noida advocates and associates’ and is well known in Noida as a highly committed lawyer. With astonishing commitment and integrity, his dealings are carried out very charitably. To make a difference in the despondent and deprived lives, Mr. Sachin Tongad took up the legal profession and uplift the general welfare of society. He trusts in the logical handling of rules and never shies away from getting the system straight by following innovative approaches. Many lives have been touched by his completely committed and selfless work. His goal is to act as a provider of a specific standard service, i.e. advocates, solicitors, and legal advisers.

With a group of devoted and committed competent advocates and lawyers in Delhi-NCR, Noida law and associates took their services to the table with Specialists in their particular fields of legal practice in Delhi and in NCR who have followed a policy of symbiotic partnerships with litigants. Noida lawyers and associates provide consumers with legal advice services and experience across the numerous practice areas and business verticals. The firm has a team of influential and committed lawyers serving in numerous Indian courts. The firm has professional prosecutors to work with marital cases, drug cases, civil cases, bail cases, cheque bounce cases, business field cases, etc. The firm offers its services in Family Court, Dowry Case Law, Custody Cases Law, Marriage Registry, Marriage Court Law, Drink & Drive Case, Cyber Law, Land Law, Supreme Court Lawyers, and Service & CAT Issues Law. Under the supervision of strong leadership, by teamwork led by fairness and values of authenticity, transparency, and continuity, the organization aspires to establish long-term relationships with its clients. The organization knows the viewpoint of the clients: the need for reactive legal counsel, experience, innovation, and value.


Our attorneys are drafters of the best quality and are specialists in the writing of lawsuits, petitions, deeds and all sorts of contracts and arrangements, etc., and are extremely skilled in negotiating all kinds of agreements, deeds and contracts, updating and structuring them.  We are among the top leading law firms in Delhi-NCR managing cases. Our clients, including multinational companies, public sector bodies and entrepreneurs, belong to different segments of trade and business. We have a substantial international presence, and we can provide our clients with global business with constructive and reliable support across our vast network.

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